The Latest Word

March 2018

First, let me share the splendid news that my novel, The End of All Things, won an award for best unpublished mystery novel at Sleuthfest 2018. Massive thanks to the Florida chapter of the Mystery Writers of America; author and powerhouse Elaine Viets, who coordinated the competition; and agent Jenny Bent, who judged it.

The End of All Things takes place in London, four years before Jack the Ripper. Someone is preying on debutantes, and the one man ideally placed to ferret out the killer has no interest at all in helping the police. Tyr Cole wants to redeem his family’s name, not embroil it in a sordid murder investigation. But as it so often does, fate has other plans.

What I’m reading:

Murder in the Manuscript Room, by Con Lehane, whom I will soon have the pleasure of interviewing for Destination Mystery. 



Alexia Gordon’s latest, Killing in C Sharp, in her pitch-perfect cozy series. I’ve already had the pleasure of interviewing her, and if you, too, are a fan, you can listen to (or read) our chat.



Finally, I’m in the midst of the mind-blowing¬†Before You Know It, by John Bargh, PhD, about how our brains work. So many incredible ideas — including that physical warmth can make us more open and social. I don’t know about you, but I interpret that as scientific endorsement of tea parties. Bring on the Earl Grey!