Stuff I Write

Stuff I write for Little People:

Nana Speaks Nanese ***

Stuff I write for Big People:

I like to say I write love stories. It’s just that the lovers in my stories are often being chased by serial killers or arrested for murder or have to outwit zombies and such.

Let’s just say I write about love under difficult circumstances.

Here are some of the anthologies my stories have appeared in:

Last Exit to Murder (“Driving Dead Daisy.”) You can also pick up a copy of my story on its own on Amazon, or read for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Hell Comes to Hollywood (“Message in a Bottle”) There have been some very nice reviews over at Love HorrorThe Farsighted, and 411 Mania.

“Make sure you read it at bedtime only if you have the next day off.” Aww, thanks, 411! 

An Evening at Joe’s (“The Star of Athena,” featuring everyone’s favorite Immortal thief, Amanda.) This story came out of my first job in Hollywood, working as script coordinator on the last season of Highlander. Massive thanks to Gillian Horvath, a dear friend and a cracker-jack writer, for inviting me to play in this world. 

Live Free or Ride (“Live Free or Bride”) Wild West, sharp shooters, and something no longer quite human along the trail. Because you can never have enough Feminist Sci-Fi Apocalyptic Westerns.