About Me

If you are a mystery lover, check out my podcast, Destination Mystery, where I interview mystery writers of all stripes and sub-genres. Also, you might like to read my short story, Driving Dead Daisy, about a car thief who finds something unexpected in the back seat. 

I’ve written half a dozen short mystery stories for various anthologies, and I have a manuscript for a mystery novel set in Victorian London, which I’m thrilled to say just won the Freddie Award for Writing Excellence at Sleuthfest. Find out more about my stories right here. 

I’m also super-excited about my first children’s book, due to come out later this year. It’s called Nana Speaks Nanese, and it’s the book I wish I’d had when my mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, moved in with us. I like to say that both my son and my mom were three at the same time. This book is a love letter to them, and, I hope, something that will help other families who are struggling.

Professionally, I help people talk about themselves and their projects. I develop TV and movie pitches, web copy, brochures — anything that involves targeted messaging. My particular superpower is the logline, whether it’s for a project or to introduce yourself in a way that’s clear and engaging. For more about that, check out my website, PitchingPerfectly.com.

What more can you possibly need to know? I’ve written for film and television, won a bunch of awards for both screenwriting and political journalism, and co-created a webseries called Faux Baby. It’s about a couple so terrified of parenthood that they decide to practice first — on a doll. NSFW.

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