About Me

If you are a mystery lover, check out my podcast, Destination Mystery, where I interview mystery writers of all stripes and sub-genres. Also, you might enjoy my short story, Driving Dead Daisy, about a car thief who finds something unexpected in the back seat. I have a new mystery story coming out in the Malice Domestic anthology, Murder Most Edible, this spring.

I’m also super-excited about my first children’s book, out on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019. It’s called Nana Speaks Nanese, and it’s the book I wish I’d had when my mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, moved in with us. This book is a love letter to my mom and my son, and I hope it will help other families who are struggling.

What more can you possibly need to know? I’ve written for film and television, won a bunch of awards for both screenwriting and political journalism, and co-created a webseries called Faux Baby. It’s about a couple so terrified of parenthood that they decide to practice first — on a doll. NSFW.

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