About Me

I write.  All sorts of crazy stuff. 

Most Likely PosterHorrorNews.Net has a warm review of my upcoming movie, Most Likely To Die, as does Flickering Myth. Such fun to have it finally in the can — and a big shout out to my friend and producer on the movie, Suzanne Lyons.

So, in addition to this movie, what else have I done?  Theater? Spent three years with a traveling company.  TV? Yup, in both news and those action-adventure, lop-their-heads-off-with-a-sword, feed-them-to-dinosaurs kinda shows.


My webseries, Faux Baby, is about a young couple so terrified of parenting that they practice first.  On a doll. What could possibly go wrong? Find out by watching Faux Baby. Decidedly Not Safe For Work.  Or around small children.


gmm-logoI have a passion blog, Gotta Minute, Mom? Have fun with your kids, a minute at a time.


I consult as a Pitch Goddess, helping people talk about themselves and their projects.  I work with writers, production companies, business owners, nonprofits and independent professionals who are struggling with their message or brand.  Or just with what to say at a cocktail party.

"So, what do you do?"

“So, what do you do?”


Last, but not least, I write fiction.  Evening At Joes Cover Hell Comes To Hollywood Cover Last Exit Cover

Drop me a line at Laura@LauraBrennanWrites.com  Thanks for stopping by!