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My new podcast, Destination Mystery: A Podcast for Readers Who Love a Good Murder, will debut in only a couple of weeks. So exciting! I'll have interviews every week with mystery writers of all stripes, and it'll be searchable by author and by genre. One-on-one chats with my favorite mystery authors -- plus an excuse to reread their books? Pinch me.

In April, I'll be teaching how to pitch your screenplay to MFA students at National University's LA residency program. It's a terrific program and I always enjoy the two days I spend with students, working on their pitches and sometimes even helping them develop their screenplays. I am, after all, the Goddess of Structure, and the 2nd act is often a bear.

Which Laura Are You Looking For?

I wear a lot of hats.

  • Destination Mystery
    Destination Mystery

    Destination Mystery: A Podcast for Readers Who Love a Good Murder. Coming soon!

  • Pitching Perfectly
    Pitching Perfectly

    I help writers, producers, business owners and independent professionals talk about themselves and their projects.

  • Gotta Minute, Mom?
    Gotta Minute, Mom?

    This is my passion project. Helping parents have more fun with their kids, a minute at a time.

  • About Me
    About Me

    I think this photo says it all.